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Saint Catharines

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Welcome to Saint Catharines, the biggest city in the Niagara Region, a great place to look for a condo for rent.

Home to over 130,000 people, Saint Catharines is located in a prime spot between the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area and the international border. The city has a strong economy, mostly centered around manufacturing, so jobs are plentiful here, and there are plenty of great local attractions too. St. Catharines is even known as 'Garden City' because of its many parks and gardens.

As well as housing countless parks and green space, there are also several condos for rent in Saint Catharines. The city has 32 condo buildings in total. You can find an array of Saint Catharines condo types, including Low-Rise, Mid-Rise, High-Rise, and Luxury. There are also some pre-construction condos for rent in Saint Catharines, opening up new opportunities to buy St. Catharines condos.

Condos For Rent in Saint Catharines Neighborhoods

Saint Catharines is a relatively large city, with a lot of different districts and neighborhoods, and many of the city's most vibrant areas have Saint Catharines condos for rent too, offering easy access to local stores, restaurants, museums, and, of course, the many parks and gardens that make this place so special.

Those who like to live right in the heart of the city will be able to find condos for rent in Saint Catharines in areas like Downtown St. Catharines, Queenston, York - Haig, Western Hill, Glenridge, and Fairview - Facer.

There are also several St Catharines condos for rent in areas near the water, like Lakeshore and Port Dalhousie, as well as other parts of the city, such as Lakeport, Grantham, Grapeview, and Merritton, so you can look all around Saint Catharines for condos for rent and usually find at least a few options in every area.

All Things Condos For Rent in Saint Catharines

Saint Catharines is classed as a pleasant place to live and work, with a walk score of 24, a bike score of 55, and a transit score of 32, with the St. Catharines Transit system offering bus services all around the city and into the neighboring city of Thorold too.