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We are inventing
checkout for real estate
We are building the end to end workflow required to facilitate lower touch, efficient, real estate transaction experience. Our software helps buyers, sellers and professionals simplify real estate transactions online.

The future real estate economy

Despite internet business growing faster than the rest of the economy, the real estate sector has been stuck in a place without movement during this period of unprecedented shift online.

Regulatory red tape, a fragmented stakeholder base, board-driven industries, paper dependent law firms and antiquated financial institutions are among the culprits.

A new tide of commerce is on the horizon. In this tide are new age industrialists building the independent infrastructure that will power agile platform companies to scale quickly across monster industries. What was once complicated, will be simplified. Digi will continue to focus on identifying the independent infrastructures that will form the rails of our Platform/Workflow to create a cross market regulatory compliant real estate checkout button.

Buyer & Seller Platforms

Connecting users to our partner networks

Transaction Management

Forms, smart contracts, e-signature and transaction compliance

Closing & Completion

Accounting, funds exchange & transaction completion

Help Us Move Real Estate Online

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Backend/API Engineer


"Embarking on a mission as large as rethinking the way people view and transact in real estate is an ambitious undertaking to say the least. This mission can not succeed without the best and the brightest working together towards the common goal - we are assembling this team."

-Jeff Mziray CEO

Jeff Mziray
William Ratté
Zev Kershman
Principal Broker/Product Strategist
Jessica Spiegel
Operations Director
Mike Crapper
Vice President of Sales
Ying Qiu
Engineer-Software & Data Science
Shen Dang
Kim Pepin
Alexandre Lebeau
Oliver Triskan
Research Intern
Kayla Kershman
Deal Administrator
Yagnesh Mistry
Full-Stack Developer
Melissa Denyes
Condo Concierge
Nigel Welton
Condo Concierge