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Niagara Falls

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Welcome to Niagara Falls, one of the most iconic cities in all of Canada, the condos are sure to impress.

Located at the site of the world-famous waterfalls of the same name, Niagara Falls is one of the most-visited locations in all of Canada. It sits on the western side of the Niagara River, right by the US border, drawing in visitors from across the globe who are eager to witness the falls in all of their beauty.

The city also has much more to offer beyond the falls, such as a waterpark, the Niagara SkyWheel, casinos, museums, and more, and there are also several condos for rent in Niagara Falls too. Niagara Falls condos for rent can be found dotted around the city in different neighborhoods and areas, and there are several types of condos for rent in Niagara Falls too, like Low-Rise, Mid-Rise, and High-Rise.

You can also find several pre-construction condos for rent in Niagara Falls, and the city's condo market is expanding with every passing year.

Condos For Rent in Niagara Falls Neighborhoods

There are 20 condo buildings in Niagara Falls in total. You can find a wide range of condos for rent in Niagara Falls by exploring the city's various neighborhoods. Some of the Niagara Falls condos for rent are quite close to the falls themselves, in locations like Valleyway, Clifton Hill, Fallsview North, Hennepin, and Coronation.

Some Niagara Falls condos for rent can also be found in other neighborhoods, a little further inland away from the river and the waterfalls. Some of these quieter neighborhoods include the likes of Petit, Corwin, Garner, Munro, and the Westlane Industrial Basin.

Many of the best condos in Niagara Falls are located mere minutes from key locations like Niagara Falls State Park, Goat Island, the Cave of the Winds, and the Rainbow Bridge.

All Things Condos For Rent in Niagara Falls

Life in Niagara Falls is rated highly, due to the unique beauty and character of this part of Canada. There's plenty to see and do, and getting around is quite simple. The city has a walk score of 13, a bike score of 32, and a transit score of 36, with over 25 different bus routes operating around the area.