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Welcome to Windsor, an Ontario city on the Detroit River with a wide variety of condos for sale.

Located right across the river from Detroit itself, on the US-Canada border, Windsor is well-known for its prime location, offering easy access into the US and being well-positioned between Lake St Clair and Lake Erie too. The city has much to offer, beginning with its beautiful waterfront park, filled with sculptures and monuments, as well as its casinos, parks, family attractions, and more.

As well as offering plenty of interesting attractions and things to see and do, this city is also home to several condos 39 condo buildings. You can find a wide range of condos for sale in Windsor, from Low-Rise condos for sale to Mid-Rise, High-Rise, Luxury, Loft, and Pre-Construction condos for sale too, dotted all over the city's many diverse, multicultural neighborhoods.

Condos For Sale in Windsor Neighborhoods

Windsor is famed for its diversity, with a wide range of neighborhoods, each offering something different and new. You can find many different Windsor condos for sale upon exploring these neighborhoods, with high concentrations of condo buildings in areas like Downtown Windsor and Pillette Road Village, in particular.

These are some of the best places to look for condos for sale in Windsor, as you can find a wide variety of condo options in key downtown locations beside the river like University, Heart of Windsor, Wyandotte Towne Centre, Walkerville, and Ford City too.

There are also some condos for sale in Windsor in other parts of the city, further to the east, such as Fontainbleu, Roseville Gardens, Riverside, Forest Glade, and East Riverside. Most of the Windsor condos for sale offer easy access to key landmarks like the Ambassador Bridge, Art Gallery of Windsor, Adventure Bay Family Water Park, and Windsor Riverfront.

Windsor Condos For Sale Market

The average days on market for condos for sale in Windsor is 78 days, and the average sale price of condos in Windsor is $207,133. There were 5 Windsor condos sold last year Compared to the previous year, there was an decrease of -40% more condos sold in Windsor. Those looking for new condos for sale in Windsor can learn more about the upcoming condo buildings, currently in pre-construction.

All Things Condos For Sale in Windsor

Windsor is seen as an enjoyable place to live with its green spaces and job opportunities. It has a walk score of 12, a bike score of 49, and a transit score of 31, with the city's Transit Windsor service offering more than a dozen bus routes, as well as a cross-border service into Detroit.