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Old Ottawa East

Old Ottawa East Condos For Sale

The great condo neighbourhood of Old Ottawa East in Ottawa has many awesome buildings to choose from with a total of 13 condo buildings. Old Ottawa East is a perfect fusion of modern and hip condos, there are 6 Low-Rise, 5 Pre-Construction, 5 Mid-Rise and 1 Loft. Condos for sale in Old Ottawa East offer something for everyone. Condos for sale in Old Ottawa East are on the market for an average of 118 days. Old Ottawa East had 8 condos sold within it in 2020, an increase of 100% compared to the year before. Last year condos for sale in Old Ottawa East had an average sale price of $$652,696, an decrease of -14% from the year before. This neighbourhood is a Biker's Paradise with a bike score of 91. Excellent Transit is available in Old Ottawa East. Old Ottawa East is Car-Dependent with a walk score of 39. Golden Triangle and Sandy Hill are nearby neighbourhoods.

If you are looking for coffee Cafe Qui Pense is in Old Ottawa East. Foodies won't be disappointed by the presence of excellent local restaurants Greens & Beans and Sula Wok. Do you love to be outside? There are great parks in Old Ottawa East such as Brantwood Park and Springhurst Park. Watson's Pharmacy is a conveniently located pharmacy in Old Ottawa East. If you're a health and fitness fanatic, hopefully you are living in a condo building with a great gym. If not LBR TRAINING is a super popular fitness center with locals. The school in Old Ottawa East is Immaculata. There are many students in this neighbourhood as Saint Paul University is located within it. Old Ottawa East has a very accesible train station Lees.

What to Expect

Old Ottawa East is as serene as its name suggests. It is a truly family-oriented area and is widely known as one of the oldest neighbourhoods in the entire city. It was originally inhabited by the religious order of the Oblate brothers and a related group of nuns. Together, they controlled large chunks of land and helped develop it, building churches and schools, including Saint Paul University and the University of Ottawa. The area has several active community groups, one of the best known being Sustainable Living Ottawa East or SLOE. SLOE has been instrumental in planning an urban renewal to further develop the Ottawa East area. Residents here speak of the incredible community spirit that exists among them. It has a small town feel, with community convenience stores and old fashioned road names like Main Street. Not far from Main Street is the Greystone Village Home development, a massive infrastructural project which aims to urbanize the area whilst keeping the community feel. Old Ottawa East is known as a walker’s and biker’s paradise. With few slopes and even fewer potholes, most errands can be done without having to catch the bus or use your car.


This is an ideal location for families who do not want to be too far away from the heart of the city. Majority of its residents are over the ages of 30, making it an older neighbourhood than most downtown areas. Few students live in the area, with most of them attending the nearby Saint Paul University. In fact, Old Ottawa East appears to pride itself on being relatively student-free, with residents famously protesting the building of an apartment block in the area for fear that would attract students and upset the serenity of the area.


Old Ottawa East is much slower paced than the rest of the city. One reason is, of course, the number of families which reside there. The other is the rich heritage of the place. Although it is close to the heart of the city, it does not have the urban sophistication of places like Lebreton and Chinatown. Instead, it can be compared to a quaint little town enveloped within Ottawa. It may not have the high rise buildings or even the proliferation of independent restaurants in other areas. However, Old Ottawa East is great in the sense that the neighbourhood is small, warm and welcoming. It feels like home, even if you do not live there.

What you'll love

Old Ottawa East is one of the few pockets of suburbia still existing in downtown Ottawa. There are far fewer apartment buildings in the area, saving it from the concrete jungle reputation which many neighbouring areas seem to have. It is not completely cut off from the fun though. Residents looking to socialize with a livelier crowd can head down to Elgin Street which is only a few blocks away. The great thing about this is the party is unlikely to follow you down the quiet Main Street. People living here are able to have the best of both worlds; energetic pubs a few blocks away and a calm dock near Brantwood Park. Residents can also explore the area’s rich heritage simply by touring many of the old buildings which still stand. An example is The White House, built in the 1800s and used to host one of the first Catholic schools in Ottawa or the Town Hall.