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Most Expensive Ottawa Condo Buildings in 2019

BY Condo Dork Team/December 3, 2019

Condominium property class sales in Ottawa increased 13% in 2019 with 4,584 units sold versus 4,056 in 2018. The average sale price for a condominium class property in Ottawa in 2019 was $304,203, up 9.3% from last year.

Ottawa had a busy and expensive condo market last year, here is a list of the top 10 most expensive condo buildings, top 10 most expensive neighbourhoods and top 10 dork ranking buildings in 2019.

Top 10 Most Expensive Buildings

10.The Slater Average Price Per Sq ft - $609.31
9. Cathedral Hill Average Price Per Sq ft - $614.61
8. Claridge Icon Average Price Per Sq ft - $646.81
7. Westboro Station Phase 1 Average Price Per Sq ft - $677.63
6. The Bowery Average Price Per Sq ft - $679.03
5.12 Clarence St Average Price Per Sq ft - $691.49
4.The Rideau at Lansdowne Average Price Per Sq ft - $701.28
3. ArtHaus Average Price Per Sq ft - $711.18
2.The Merit Average Price Per Sq ft - $722.72
1. ReResidences Average Price Per Sq ft - $912.70
Top 10 Most Expensive Neighbourhoods

10. Old Ottawa East Avg Sold Price Per Sqft - $469.52 
9. Little Italy  Avg Sold Price Per Sqft - $469.84
8. Byward Market Avg Sold Price Per Sqft - $472.76
7. Mechanicsville Avg Sold Price Per Sqft - $476.76
6. Sandy Hill  Avg Sold Price Per Sqft -$480.96
5. Civic Hospital  Avg Sold Price Per Sqft - $489.40
4. Lebreton Avg Sold Price Per Sqft - $515.26
3. Centretown Avg Sold Price Per Sqft - $518.26
2. Westboro  Avg Sold Price Per Sqft - $521.28
1. The Glebe Avg Sold Price Per Sqft - $539.29
Top 10 Ranked Buildings
*based off a factor that is used to evaluate buildings based on sales, average price per sq ft and days on market.



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