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Lake Country

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Welcome to Lake Country, a small municipality with a population of 15,000. This quaint town is located in the Okanagan Valley, north of Kelowna. The residents of Lake Country spend much of their time doing outdoor activities such as: Visiting one of the many lakes, vineyards, and the Kangaroo Creek Farm.

Lake Country has solely Low-Rise condos for sale.

Condos For Sale in Lake Country Neighborhoods

Most of Lake Country's residence live in the southern regions of the community, at the south of Wood Lake. This is where the largest town is and all of the condos for sale. The condos are either along the lake or Okanagan Hwy.

Lake Country Condos For Sale Market

The average sale price for condos in Lake Country is $351,134, and they stayed on the market for sale for an average average of 68 days. 67 Lake Country condos were sold last year. Lake Country had a decrease in total condos sold of -22% compared to the year before.

All Things Condos For Sale in Lake Country

Lake Country does not have any walk, bike, or transit scores. If you lived in the southern areas, the scores would increase due to the proximity to other infrastructure. Okanagan Hwy, makes it a short 30 minute commute to Kelowna.