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Welcome to Kelowna, a charming lakeside city in British Columbia with beautiful condo buildings.

Kelowna is situated in the southern part of British Columbia, among the inimitable beauty of the Okanagan Valley, along the eastern shore of Okanagan Lake. Surrounded by parks, forests, and lush green spaces, this city is famed for being in the heart of nature, but also offers a lot of cultures, entertainment, and downtown attractions, as well as local vineyards and wineries too.

As well as being a key touristic location for British Columbia, Kelowna is also a great place to find Canadian condos. There are many condos for sale in Kelowna with a total of 200 condo buildings, spread out across the city from its downtown core to its quieter suburbs, ranging in type from Low-Rise to Mid-Rise, High-Rise, Luxury, and Pre-Construction too. In short, there are many types of Kelowna condos for sale, offering something for everyone.

There are mostly Low-Rise condos for sale in Kelowna, especially out among the suburbs and quieter neighborhoods, but as you approach the center of the city, you can find a wider variety of Kelowna condos for sale, including Luxury offerings and High-Rise buildings too.

Condos For Sale in Kelowna Neighborhoods

There are many interesting neighborhoods and areas to discover around Kelowna, and Kelowna condos for sale can be found in many of these different neighborhoods too, with # being the neighborhood with the most condos for sale.

Buyers might like to find a prime spot in the downtown area of the city, right by the lake, in neighborhoods like South Pandosy, Pandosy North, Downtown North, Five Bridges, Downtown Richter, the Cultural District, and Discovery. You can find many great condos for sale in Kelowna here, including a lot of Luxury condos.

Buyers could also choose to head further inland to some of the more peaceful parts of Kelowna. Many Kelowna condos for sale can be found in neighborhoods like Ambrosi, Parkinson, Baron Road, and further east into Ben Lee and Rutland Centre East. In any case, those who buy Kelowna condos will be able to enjoy lovely views, easy access to nature, wineries, parks, restaurants, and cultural events.

Kelowna Condos For Sale Market

The average days on market for condos for sale in Kelowna is 60 days, and the average sale price of condos in Kelowna is $445,216. There were 1466 Kelowna condos sold last year. Kelowna saw a decrease in the number of condos sold of -2% compared to the previous year.

All Things Condos For Sale in Kelowna

Living in Kelowna condos for sale is highly desirable, due to the city's beauty and culture. It has a walk score of 49, a bike score of 48, and a transit score of 27. The Kelowna Regional Transit System operates public buses all across the city and beyond.