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About Hamilton's Lofts For Rent

Hamilton is on Lake Ontario, southwest of the Greater Toronto Area. In 1846, Hamilton became an official city by the Parliament of the Province of Canada. As the city continued to grow, so did its population and infrastructure. In the early 20th century, multiple manufacturing plants opened including Stelco and Defasco, two steel plants. Within the past couple of decades, Hamilton's economy has transitioned slightly from manufacturing products towards the service sector. Hamilton has since transformed into a new Hamilton. In 2001 Hamilton and five of its neighbouring municipalities were combined to create the city it is today, with roughly 600,000 inhabitants.

With many old buildings and such a rich history, the city of Hamilton has multiple opportunities to build residential lofts. Lofts are Low-Rise developments with stylish and expansive units. They tend to have high ceilings, open concept rooms, and a trendy style. Lofts for rent in Hamilton come in two forms, hard lofts and soft lofts. A hard loft is a renovated historic building to create residential units, while maintaining the vintage look of it. They are harder to acquire due to the lack of historic buildings available and the high demand for these homes. Soft lofts are similar except that they are brand new developments instead of historical buildings.

About Hamilton's Hard Lofts For Rent

Hamilton has a few hard lofts to choose from. One that stands out from the rest is the Stinson School Lofts, a 4-storey Low-Rise with 67 units. The original building was constructed in May of 1894 as a school, and has gradually been given additions over the decades. The developer made sure to keep much of the original structure when repurposing it. The exterior is a beautiful Victorian-style design with an interior of high ceilings, exposed brick and ductwork, and massive windows.

Explore Hamilton Condos For Rent

Welcome to Hamilton, a charming port city situated on the Lake Ontario shore, and home to many Hamilton condos for rent.

Located right on the western end of Lake Ontario in the famed Golden Horseshoe region of the province of Ontario, Hamilton is a beautiful city, known under many nicknames, including "Steeltown" and "The Ambitious City". More than 750,000 people call the city home, and it has grown over the years on the foundation of strong steel and manufacturing industries, while also being a key educational and cultural hub, with plenty to see and do.

Those wishing to move to Hamilton may consider Hamilton condos for rent. There are 192 condo buildings in Hamilton in total, and the city has a diverse range of rental condos, including Low-Rise condos, Mid-Rise condos, High-Rise condos, and Loft spaces for rent as well, dotted all around its many districts and neighborhoods.

Condos For Rent in Hamilton Neighborhoods

Hamilton is a vast, expansive city, divided up into lots of little neighborhoods, blocks, and areas. Each of these areas, from Landsdale to Thorner has its own unique characteristics, and renters in the area can find various Hamilton condos for rent in a range of areas, all over the city.

A good place to start your search for condos to rent in Hamilton is in Downtown Hamilton. Areas like Central Hamilton, Beasley, Corktown, Durand, Strathcona, and Kirkendall North are home to some beautiful Hamilton rental condos and offer easy access to the sights and sounds of the city's core.

Renters can also explore a range of other Hamilton neighborhoods for condos for rent, including Stinson, Landsdale, Rolston, Buchanan, Ainslie Wood East, Mountview, and Westcliffe West.

All of these areas have something to offer and can allow you to enjoy Hamilton's leading landmarks and attractions like the HMCS Haida Historic Site, Bayfront Park, and the Devil's Punchbowl Conservation Area.

Hamilton Condos For Rent Market

On average, Hamilton condos for rent will spend 24 days on the market, and the average cost of a Hamilton rental condo is $1,885. In 2020, 41 were available for rent in Hamilton, which represents an increase of 22% over the prior year.

All Things Condos For Rent in Hamilton

Home to waterfalls, parks, shops, restaurants, entertainment venues, and everything else locals need to enjoy life, Hamilton is a great place to search for condos to rent. In terms of getting around, the city has a transit score of 69, a walk score of 73, and a bike score of 83.