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Halton Hills

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Welcome to Halton Hills, a rural municipality to the west of Brampton, Ontario. Halton Hills has two main populations centres that house most of the municipalities 61,000 people. They are Georgetown and Action.

The residents of Halton Hills can enjoy many beautiful natural sites including the Limehouse Conservation Area, Terra Cotta Conservation Area, and Silver Creek Conservation Area. The municipality also has multiple golf courses spend hours at.

There are a few condo buildings in Halton Hills and they range from Low-Rise to High-Rise.

Condos For Sale in Halton Hills Neighborhoods

Most of Halton Hills is suburbs and farmland. However, there are five centres where most of the population resides, including the two largest communities Georgetown and Action. All of the condos have been built along Guelph St in Georgetown, which leads down into Brampton.

Halton Hills Condos For Sale Market

Halton Hills condos are on the market for an average of 22 days, and have an average sale price of $458,362. Last year, 33 condos were sold in Halton Hills. The town of Halton Hills experienced a decrease in the number of condos sold of -27% compared to the previous year.

All Things Condos For Sale in Halton Hills

Halton Hills is a rural municipality. That being said, it is a car-dependent city with a walk score of 30 and a bike score of 39. There are a couple of transit options with a bus option along Highway 7, or Via Rail and Go Train at Georgetown Go Station.