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North End

North End Condos For Sale

The great condo neighbourhood of North End in Halifax has many awesome buildings to choose from with a total of 23 condo buildings. Condo development in this neighbourhood has been thriving with 15 Low-Rise, 9 Mid-Rise, 1 High-Rise, 1 Loft, and 1 Pre-Construction. With so many buildings to choose from in Halifax, there are unsurprisingly many condos for sale in North End. Condos for sale in North End spend an average of 30 days on market. There were 70 condos sold in North End in 2020. North End saw an increase in the number of condos sold by 119% compared to the year before. Condos for sale in North End had an average sale price of $$312,521 last year, an increase of 12% from the prior year. This neighbourhood is Very Walkable with a walk score of 88. Good Transit is available in North End. This neighbourhood is Very Bikeable with a bike score of 76. The neighbourhoods West End and Albro Lake are nearby.

Grab some fresh goodies at nearby bakery, Dinah's Sourdough. There are some great cafes in North End such as Espresso 46, Dinah's Sourdough, and The main Sail Cafe. Foodies won't be disappointed by the presence of Kitsune Food Co. There is a surprising amount of green space with Isleville Centre and Fort Needham Memorial Park in North End. You can find the pharmacy Best Buds in North End. There are a number of museums and art galleries in Halifax including 14 Bells Fine Art Gallery, Art Zone gallery and Naval Museum of Halifax. If you're a health and fitness fanatic, hopefully you are living in a condo building with a great gym. If not 30 Minute Hit is a super popular fitness center with locals. The local schools in North End is Needham Preschool.

What to Expect

Thanks to recent gentrification, Halifax's North End has become the place to be. A mix of low-cost housing like bungalows and duplexes, as well as classic wood-paneled Nova Scotian houses brings a great sense of character to the area. As is most of the city's main neighbourhoods, the North End is an easy walk to the downtown core, Atlantic ocean and most main attractions. However, the exponentially growing number of local restaurants, cafes, grocers and entertainment venues popping up on Agricola, Gottigen and North Street have made the area extremely accessible and exciting. 


 The North End is a fully diverse and integrated community filled with Halagonians of all ages and backgrounds. Just about anyone can and will fit in. The area is known for its affordability and does not discriminate against any level of income. Students really do take over the city of Halifax, and the North End is no exception. The increasingly expensive cost to rent near universities has made this neigbourhood extremely alluring to many young scholars. Furthermore, the newly popular area has attracted tattooed and espresso drinking "hipsters" who continue to bring their artistic and cultural street style with them.


The diverse neighbourhood has a perfect balance of independence and community. While many events, such as the North by Night Market brings residents together, many North Enders enjoy the laid back lifestyle away from the touristy attractions of downtown Halifax. It feels like a breath of fresh air and allows for more creative expression and appreciation. Locally sourced everything offers a true sense of Haligonian pride and small commercial businesses fuel the neighbourhood, keeping the large and impersonal chains away. 

What you'll love

Local and cultured, the North End caters to the adventurous and creative mind. Street art and pop up shops are showcased on the regular. There is always a live band to add a background of acoustics at locally famed venues like Gus' Pub and The Seahorse Tavern. Exotic cuisine and impressive cocktails from some of the city's best restaurants are also found in this charmed area. Even daily excursions such as indoor rock-climbing and barbershop visits are made unique here. With the perfect mix of grungy and adored, the North End is somewhere you'll want to go to experience, or even set the latest trends.