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About Edmonton's Lofts For Rent

Edmonton is the capital city of Alberta; its metro area has a population of roughly 1,500,000 making it Canada's fifth largest municipality. One of the cities top attractions is the West Edmonton Mall, North America's largest mall. Edmonton has a long history, but it wasn't until the construction of a Canadian Pacific Railway station that the population boomed. Settlers from Eastern Canada, Europe, and the United States of America arrived because of the areas cheap land and fertile soil. Edmonton is a large centre for Canada's oil and gas industry. The areas oil, gas, and oil sands reserves are reported to be the second largest in the world, adding a lot to Edmonton's economy.

The city of Edmonton has many attractions including: the West Edmonton Mall, visiting a museum, or strolling through one of the beautiful parks. For avid golfers, there are many exquisite courses to choose from. To enjoy this city, there are hundreds of condos for purchase, but there are only a select few popular lofts for rent in Edmonton. Lofts are fashionable residential units with high ceilings, large open concept rooms and exposed pipework.

About Edmonton's Hard Lofts For Rent

Lofts are a very hot commodity but there are two types. Hard lofts are historic industrial or commercial buildings that have been converted into residential units. Because of their history, they are more desirable and can be difficult to acquire. Hard lofts often have high ceilings, exposed brick, ductwork, and large windows. As a large settlement in the past, Edmonton has potential for hard lofts if developers decide to repurpose the buildings.

Explore Edmonton Condos For Rent

Welcome to Edmonton, Alberta's picturesque capital city, and home to many excellent Edmonton condos for rent.

Home to well over a million people, Edmonton is a large and prosperous city for the province of Alberta, situated in a prime spot in the "Calgary-Edmonton Corridor". Its location and history have helped it become one of Canada's fastest-growing cities, and it's also well-known as an educational and cultural center, hosting countless festivals every year and earning the nickname "Festival City" in the process.

Edmonton is also one of the best places to live in Alberta, with many great Edmonton condos for rent. You can find 678 condo buildings in Edmonton in total, and Edmonton rental condos vary in size and style greatly, from simple Low-Rise condos for rent right up to Mid-Rise, Luxury, and Loft condos too.

Condos For Rent in Edmonton Neighborhoods

A large and ever-expanding city, Edmonton is divided up into many different neighborhoods. Like most cities, there's a central downtown hub in Edmonton, which is home to a large percentage of the best Edmonton condos for rent, but there are also plenty of suburban neighborhoods and other areas dotted around the city with Edmonton condos for rent as well.

New renters arriving in the city might like to situate themselves right in the center and look for Edmonton condos for rent in lively districts like Downtown Edmonton, Oliver, River Valley Victoria, Rossdale, Central McDougall, Queen Mary Park, and Boyle Street.

You could also consider looking for condos for rent in Edmonton south of the river in neighborhoods like Garneau, Strathcona, Bonnie Doon, Queen Alexandra, or Ritchie, and there are various other areas that sometimes have Edmonton condos for rent too such as Holyrood and Glenora.

All Things Condos For Rent in Edmonton

Edmonton has a lot to offer, from parks and museums to one of the biggest malls in the whole of North America, and it's a popular city in which to live and work, with a transit score of 47, a walk score of 30 and a bike score of 74. Locals can rely on the Edmonton Transit Service to help them get around.