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High-Rise Condos For Rent in Marlborough

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About Marlborough's High-Rise Condos For Rent

Welcome to Marlborough, a neighbourhood in the city of Burnaby with 25 High-Rise buildings with condos for sale. The average sale price for High-Rise condo units in Marlborough in 2020 was $723,313 with an average of 79 days on the market. There were 215 High-Rise condo units sold in Marlborough last year. The Met had the highest Dork Rating, 647, for a High-Rise condo building in Marlborough in 2020.

A symbol of modern living, the High-Rise building has actually been used throughout history. There is evidence that High-Rise buildings were present 2000 years ago in ancient Rome, though made of mud and sticks and not particularly safe. They were also seen in circular structures in China 700 years ago. Some buildings used 500 years ago in Yemen can still be seen today. At the turn of the last century, High-Rise buildings began to solidify their place in urban centres, as you can see with the development of High-Rise condos for sale in Burnaby. Especially in the downtown core. The industrial revolution created the need to bring more workers closer to work and elevators and concrete made them functional. Public housing then pushed the volume of High-Rise condos for sale in and around cities all over the globe. The original reinforced concrete and steel buildings of the mid-century are slowly being replaced by glass condo towers in city centres and megacities. Units are shrinking but public and shared use spaces are increasing by way of amenities like community meeting space, party rooms, fitness centres and even theatres. This, along with the more thoughtful use of the areas that surround these buildings is meant to create livable communities. These living communities will have access to daily needs and services and connected to the larger communities that surround them. Today's best High-Rise condos for sale offer choices for unit style and design, extra amenities to increase community involvement, green space that is cared for by maintenance fees and ground-floor businesses. High-Rise life is best enjoyed in walkable communities with plenty of business and services that connect to the larger city.

Sovereign in Marlborough was the most active High-Rise condo building in 2020 with 37 units sold in Marlborough. The High-Rise condo building in Marlborough with the highest average price per sqft last year was Sovereign at $1,065 per sqft.

High-Rise condos for sale today can be designed as soft lofts, have multiple floors and have the opportunity for a luxury of options when purchased in the development or preconstruction phase. Building to building, units have a huge range for layout, upgrades, amenities, ceiling heights and storage space. A buyer or renter will need to know what's on their priority list or they risk being overwhelmed by the choices. One commonality will probably be floor to ceiling windows. Growing in popularity is also an open plan for the main living area, something easily found in high-rises today. Anything over eight stories, or a height that firefighters would have difficulty reaching, qualifies as High-Rise. New High-Rise condos for sale in some cities will follow neighbourhood design and sightlines, with some areas upholding height guidelines. Other cities are in a race for the sky and 50 floors wouldn't be out of the ordinary. This is especially true for the glass towers that have so much more flexibility. The record holders and breakers are pushing high rise living ever further with 100+ floor residential towers. Some aiming to push past a full kilometre into the sky.

Maywood and Douglas-Gilpin are nearby neighbourhoods with High-Rise condo buildings. Marlborough is Somewhat Walkable with a walk score of 62. This neighbourhood is Somewhat Bikeable with a bike score of 45. Excellent Transit is available in Marlborough.

Marlborough Condos For Rent

Viewed as one of Burnaby's condo hot spots, Marlborough, has a total of 46 condo buildings. Condo development in this neighbourhood has been thriving with 25 High-Rise, 19 Low-Rise, 2 Luxury, 2 Mid-Rise, and 1 Pre-Construction. There are great options of condos for sale in Marlborough to call home. Condos for sale in Marlborough are on the market for an average of 68 days. Marlborough had 346 condos sold within it in 2020, an increase of 62% compared to the year before. Last year condos for sale in Marlborough had an average sale price of $$887,168, an decrease of -11% from the year before. This neighbourhood is Somewhat Walkable with a walk score of 62. Excellent Transit is available in Marlborough. This neighbourhood is Somewhat Bikeable with a bike score of 45. You can find the neighbourhoods of Oakalla and Maywood nearby.

Little Monk Pretzels and Manzano Europa Bakery Inc. are great bakeries in Marlborough. Coffee shop lovers will appreciate local cafe's like CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice, OneZo Tapioca, and Starbucks. Foodies won't be disappointed by the presence of excellent local restaurants Cactus Club Cafe Kingsway and Isami Sushi. Do you love to be outside? There are great parks in Marlborough such as Park Vessonas and Marlborough Park East. T & T Pharmacy is a conveniently located pharmacy in Marlborough. There is great shopping at Vans Store Metropolis at Metrotown. Be sure to check out Survivor Bootcamp South burnaby and Bonsor Recreation Complex if your condo building does not have a gym- some great local fitness centers! The local schools in Marlborough is Marlborough. There are many students in this neighbourhood as Pacific Link College Burnaby is located within it.