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Luxury Condos For Sale in Burnaby Mountain

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Burnaby Mountain

About Burnaby Mountain's Luxury Condos For Sale

Welcome to Burnaby Mountain, a neighbourhood in the city of Burnaby with 1 Luxury buildings with condos for sale. Luxury condos for sale in Burnaby Mountain spend an average of 79 days on market with an average sale price of $499,995 in 2020. 19 Luxury condo units were sold in Burnaby Mountain last year. The Luxury condo building with the highest Dork Rating in Burnaby Mountain is Novo 2 with a rating of 2234 in 2020.

A Luxury living experience in an urban setting is a highly sought after commodity. Luxury is a word that is frequently used in real estate. It's a relative term and what may be a Luxury for one, may not be for another. The qualities that might be included in the definition of a Luxury condo for sale will be determined by the renter or buyer. In a modern market, buildings are in high competition to offer the client as many high-quality amenities as possible to set themselves apart. These luxuries should be present across a spectrum of criteria. They should include location, square footage, layout, design, finishes and services. Depending on the location and age of the building there may also be other features on offer. Features such as theatres, pools, saunas, full-size fitness centres and rooftop terraces. It would be fair to expect to find Luxury condos for sale that offer more square footage in urban centres. These units are located on the upper floors of the buildings and have high-end appliances and finishes. The more detailed definitions of those items will vary by city but should remain current and updated even in historic buildings. Windows, countertops, hardware and flooring should all be high quality and in excellent repair. Access to modern, technical necessities should also be seamless. The building itself should also be in an excellent location, offer spectacular views and cultural or architectural cache. The unit does not have to necessarily be housed in a high rise building. Although, Luxury in a lower rise building may be harder to find depending on the country. Hard lofts may be included in this category depending on the level to which they are executed and maintained.

Burnaby Mountain's most active Luxury condo building last year was Novo 2 with 19 units sold. The Luxury condo building in Burnaby Mountain with the highest average price per sqft last year was Novo 2 at $662 per sqft.

Ease of living is a component that must also be given consideration. Residents are expecting to live maintenance and hassle-free. The presence of privacy and security will also factor in the Luxury of the building. Twenty-four-hour services should include concierge and security. A doorman may also be present although that may only cover daytime and evening hours. One sure way to find a building intended to offer top of the line features is the hotel unit. Whether purchased or rented, these units will come with all of the features the hotel has on offer. There will often be onsite restaurants and cafes. There may be dedicated elevator service, where hotel guests are restricted from accessing the floors on which residents are present, adding privacy. Fewer, larger units on residential floors will contribute to privacy as well. There will be daily cleaning available, all maintenance will be covered and with quick turnover. Gyms, spas and other beauty services will be at the other end of the phone. Most of these amenities, other than perhaps room service should be present in a Luxury building even if it isn't a hotel. Depending on the height of the building, garden or terrace units will add incentive to those who require private outdoor space. In a hotel, these may only be possible in units with rooftop access, or those designed with step-backs on the upper floors.

Port Moody and Inlet Centre are nearby neighbourhoods with Luxury condo buildings. This neighbourhood is Car-Dependent with a walk score of 44. Good Transit is available in Burnaby Mountain. This neighbourhood is Somewhat Bikeable with a bike score of 31.

Burnaby Mountain Condos For Sale

Viewed as one of Burnaby's condo hot spots, Burnaby Mountain, has a total of 21 condo buildings. There is a perfect fusion of modern high-rise condos and hip lofts, there are 10 Mid-Rise, 4 High-Rise, 7 Low-Rise, 1 Luxury, and 1 Loft in Burnaby Mountain. Condos for sale in Burnaby Mountain offer something for everyone. The average days on market for condos for sale in Burnaby Mountain is 69 days. Burnaby Mountain had 220 condos sold within it in 2020, an increase of 214% compared to the year before. Last year condos for sale in Burnaby Mountain had an average sale price of $$585,053, an increase of 2% from the year before. This neighbourhood is Car-Dependent with a walk score of 44. Good Transit is available in Burnaby Mountain. This neighbourhood is Somewhat Bikeable with a bike score of 31. College Park and Harbor Heights are nearby neighbourhoods.

There are some great cafes in Burnaby Mountain such as Renaissance Coffee, Mackenzie Cafe, and Starbucks - Cornerstone. Do you enjoy being in the kitchen? Pick up groceries at Nesters Market. Whether you are looking for brunch, a quick snack or a quality dinner Burnaby Mountain has plenty of options like Gawon Express Korean Cuisine and Bun & Me. Do you love to be outside? There are great parks in Burnaby Mountain such as Tuna Woods, Discovery Park, and Burnaby Mountain Biking and Hiking Trails. You can find the pharmacy Guardian - Nesters Market and Pharmacy SFU in Burnaby Mountain. There are always new exhibits and events happening at Museum of Archaeology & Ethnology. The school in Burnaby Mountain is University Highlands.